Our tele-counselling services offer phone-based mental health support for anyone in need. Our helpline is confidential and provided by trained professionals.
Maanas Care has experienced & qualified mental health professionals. Those are always available to provide support to achieve your life goals.
Maanas Care has experienced & qualified mental health professionals. Those are always available to provide support to achieve your life goals.

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Psychological Assessment

In a psychological assessment and evaluation MAANAS CARE uses numerous components such as norm-referenced psychological tests, informal tests and surveys, interview information, school or medical records, medical evaluation and observational data.

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Training & Workshop

Our training and workshop are created with an aim to help you analyze yourself and assess your skills, interest, personality and aptitude . Creating and leading a successful team needs time, dedication, effort and skill.

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Psychological Counselling

In psychological counselling we evaluate clients’ current situations and problems and then offer counselling. We work with people struggling with severe mental health disorders and discuss relationships, substance abuse, career, and other problems.

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Yoga & Health Wellness

The Breathe Yoga is a beautiful initiative by Maanas Care to heal and cure your overall wellness. Yoga is a very ancient and scientific pattern to keep ourselves healthy & fit in terms of mental, physical, social, and spiritual.

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Clinical Psychotherapy

In Clinical psychotherapy we assist those who are suffering with stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, negative behavior patterns, debilitating feelings, and various other mental conditions. Different kind of psychotherapy we provide for the betterment of individual.

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    Psychological support for your Emotional Trouble.
    Learning & developmental approach for your constantly growth.

    Why choose Maanas Care?

    Experienced and Qualified Team

    since 2007, over 2500 clients have been taken benefits from Maanas Care and it is result of Maanas Care experts. All experts are highly experienced and qualified in their field with professional approaches. Maanas Care has been recognized by various industries.

    Professional Approach & Ethics

    Maanas Care believes in professional and ethical approaches to deal your challenges. We provide our services without any discrimination and biasness. We are always open to serve for human kind and their wellness

    Team work to achieve our goal

    Maanas care never provides services for monetary benefit only, but we do team work to achieve our common goal of the human life that is healthy and balanced body with sound mind.

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